Furneaux Field and Game

Furneuax Freight have recently made a donation to support the auction of Furneaux Field and Game. This donation was for a large motor vehicle and two adult passengers, return. This was in support of the annual contest.

New Vessel


Walkers Supermarket

Due to unforseen circumstances, Walkers Supermarket has recently had some trouble with their frozen units at the supermarket. This has caused many goods to perish, and no doubt disruptions to staff and local residents. To help overcome this disruption as quickly and as efficiently as possible, Furneaux Freight have donated the freight costs of all frozen orders for Walkers Supermarket for the next week. We thank Walkers Supermarket for their continued support and dedication to Furneaux Freight.

Zeiken Black

Furneaux Freight have donated a one night show of Zeiken Black to the Flinders Island Lions Club. Zeiken Black is a professionally trained and certified stage hypnotist. Most ‘claimed’ stage hypnotists are either self taught or have watched a series of instructional DVD’s.  Zeiken Black is one of the few professionally taught stage hypnotists in this country!  This show is set to take place on May the 18th and Furneaux Freight encourage people to contact the Lions Club for more information.

Bush Fire Support

Furneaux Freight has recently donated the freight for a Flinders Island resident to ship himself and his vehicle to Tasmania to donate his time to helping families affected by the recent bush fires.

Flinders Island Fire Brigade

Furnueax Freight, in support of the work that the local fire brigade undertakes on Flinders Island, donated the freight costs of a new water tanker which was kindly donated by Geoerge Adams from Welshpool to Lady Barron.

 Flinders Island Scouts

Furneaux Freight believe that the Flinders Island Scouts play an important part in the community and we have recently donated the cost of all freight, including camping gear and supplies, in order to support this valuable tradition.


 Bridport Football Club

Furneaux Freight donated $1000 cash to the junior Bridport Football Club in aid of purchasing trophies for all participating players.


Flinders Island Fire Station

Furneaux Freight in December 2012 donated the freight of a new water tanker to the Flinders Island Fire Station. Furneaux Freight carted this tanker from Port Welshpool to Lady Barron.


Flinders Island Tourism

Furneuax Freight in December 2012, donated the freight costs from Launceston to Lady Barron for new signs that are intended to be placed around Flinders Island your tourists benefits.


Bridport Lions Club Golf Day

In October, 2012 Furneaux Freight gave to both Roberts Livestock -Flinders Island and Flinders Island Lions Club a team pass to the Bridport  Lions Club Charity Golf Day. This day included fully funded travel, accommodation, meals, and barnbougle golf day to both teams. This was done in appreciation for the support these two organisations constantly show Furneuax Freight.


Flinders Island Show


Furneaux Freight in the year of 2012 gave a $5000 cash donation in support of the Flinders Island Show.

The 2012 show marked 3 years that Furneaux Freight has supplied a reliable service post the Southern Shipping debacle in 2009.

We continue to support this most important day on the Flinders Island calendar even though 2012 has highlighted many challenges for the long-term viability of our business.

Since 2009 Furneaux Freight has invested in many improvements to the service that include;

  • The resurrection of the two purpose built vessels,
  • New Website for client communication,
  • Improved container handling,
  • A refrigerated truck
  • Improved stock pens with larger capacity
  • Improved staffing at Lady Barron
  • Ongoing construction of a state of the art vessel that is nearing completion

Furneaux Freight are committed to providing a reliable service to Flinders Island and believe that the support of one of the biggest calender events is well warranted.

Farsund Figurehead


SUBSTANSIVE MOTION: That the meeting approves Flinders Council providing up to $700 for fares for the purpose of conveying Mr Bern Cuthbertson and a carer from Launceston to Flinders Island and return should they be willing and able to undertake such a trip and provided they are accompanied by the figurehead of the barque Farsund and consent to the figurehead being available for display during commemoration, during the weekend beginning Saturday 10 March, of the 100 th  anniversary of the Farsund being grounded on the shoals off Vansittart Island.

Furneaux Freight in Feb 2012 donated the freight costs of the figurehead and two passenger fares to Mr Bern Cuthbertson for the transport to Flinders Island, and return. While the Flinders Island Council agreed to donate funds towards the airfreight and fares of this event, the shipping service did not receive the same offer.









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