Servicing Flinders Island, Cape Barren and the Furneaux Group of Islands

Release 29-9-14



Monday, 29 September 2014



Furneaux Freight have today entered into an agreement with Qube Ports for the future stevedore arrangements of the Lady Barron Port. This arrangement is scheduled to remain in place for a period of 60 days at which time it will evaluated and a long-term solution adopted.

Furneaux Freight have received overwhelming support from the local community on Flinders Island and remain dedicated to providing a cost efficient and reliable service to both Cape Barren and Flinders Island.

Furneaux Freight are keen to work with Qube Ports in establishing a safe working environment at the Lady Barron Port which is currently unobtainable given the substandard redevelopment of the Port Area.


Shannon Bayles

Owner and Director

Furneaux Freight Pty Ltd

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