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Lady Barron Port – 1/12/14

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Monday, 1st of December 2014

Furneaux Freight Stevedore Arrangements – Port of Lady Barron

On the 28th of September 2014 Furneaux Freight made the decision to revoke its stevedore agreement for the Port of Lady Barron with the Tasmanian Ports Corporation (Tasports). This decision was made on many contributing factors including the ongoing safety issues within the Port that were failed to be rectified within the Port Redevelopment.

Furneaux Freight persisted with both Tasports and the Flinders Council in trying to obtain a safe working environment within the Port which met all regulatory requirements for food handling, dangerous goods and forklift operations to no avail.

Upon its decision to revoke its stevedore licence with Tasports, Furneaux Freight received overwhelming support from the Flinders Island Community which led to negotiations with the State Government and the Minister for Tasports in engaging a third party stevedore at the Lady Barron Port.

Qube Ports where effectively engaged as a third party stevedore from the 28th of September for a 60 day trial period which was fully funded by the State Government.

The 60 day trial period ended on the 28th of November, 2014 from which time the Tasmanian State Government has offered no further funding. The decision moving forwards for Furneuax Freight is either fund the expense of Qube Ports or cease its service to Lady Barron.

Furneaux Freight have negotiated a 12 month contract with Qube Ports to conduct a supervisory role of stevedoring at the Lady Barron Port. This contract comes at considerable expense to Furneaux Freight that cannot be sustained within the current business model.

Effective from the 15th of December 2014, Furneaux Freight will have a 2.5% increase across the board on all freight rates to sustain a viable shipping service incorporating Qube Ports stevedore supervision at the Lady Barron Port.

Furneaux Freight customarily have an annual price increase to adjust for CPI on the 1st of August. In 2012 Furneaux Freight had a 7.5% increase to freight rates which incorporated adjustments for the CPI along with the carbon tax, fuel surcharge and a rise in operating costs. In 2014 Furneaux Freight had no annual adjustment for CPI as the revocation of the carbon tax this year resulted in the same outcome.

Furneaux Freight remain committed to providing a reliable and cost effective shipping service to Flinders Island and endeavour to keep freight charges as low as possible while still allowing for a sustainable business model. It is always Furneaux Freights last intention to pass onto out customers any additional costs imposed in providing a service to Flinders Island but due to the substandard port at Lady Barron we are left with no alternative. Unlike the other Ports in which we operate, Bridport & Port Welshpool, a stevedore licence is insisted upon by the Lady Barron Port owner – Tasports.

The Lady Barron Port remains an unsafe and dysfunctional working environment even after 1.6 million of State Funding and additional funding allocated by the Flinders Council has been expensed in the Port Redevelopment. This is supported through an independent report completed on the Lady Barron Port by an OH&S specialist which can be at

For further information on any of the above please phone Shannon at the Bridport Office on 03 63 561 753.

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