Servicing Flinders Island, Cape Barren and the Furneaux Group of Islands

About the Trip

About the Trip

Furneaux Freight Pty Ltd runs from tidal ports and operates in weather prone waters, therefore schedules and sailing times can often be changed at short notice.
The trip from Bridport to Lady Barron, Flinders Island is approximately 8 hours.

The Matthew Flinders III currently operates the passenger service from Bridport to Lady Barron. The Matthew Flinders III is a freight vessel with the ability to carry 12 passengers per sailing. There are limited passenger services available, including bench seating and toilet. Access to the lounge is located downstairs through a water tight door.

If sailing with a vehicle, passengers have access to their vehicle during the sailing where possible.


WARNING:  Introducing rabbits to the Furneaux Group is strictly prohibited,  as is bringing fruit, vegetable and plant produce from Mainland Australia to Tasmania or the Furneaux Group.
All vehicles and machinery must be completely free of all contaminants and will be checked by quarantine on arrival to Flinders Island.